Hawaiian Naming Traditions:

Traditional Hawaiians created new names for each child. The names were carefully crafted to contain great meaning and thought. Names were of great importance to Hawaiians. A new child received it's name from a parent, grandparent, or other close relative, and the given name was thought to influence the child's mana and spiritual development. Children could be named after relatives, but names were not copied from other families. Surnames did not exist. In 1860 Kamehameha IV signed the Act to Regulate Names. Hawaiians were to take their father's given name as a surname, and all children born henceforth were to receive a Christian, i.e. English, given name. Hawaiian names were transferred into middle names. The law was not repealed until 1967.

Genuine Hawaiian names are unisex. Their meanings are often symbolic. Mist and coolness symbolize happiness in a warm climate. Lei means a child, because a beloved child is carried like a lei on the parent's shoulders. A child can also be a flower or a bud, regardless of its sex. Modern parents tend to be more prosaic, calling a child a child, as in Keikilani and Kamalani.

It has also become popular for those with English names phonetically translate their names using the Hawaiian alphabet. Translate your English name into Hawaiian

List of Traditional Hawaiian Names

* 'Ailana "Loving". NOTE: without the ?okina, ailana could refer to sexual intercourse.
* 'Aka 'Aka "Laugh" or "To Laugh".
* Akela Hawaiian for Adele and Asher.
* Alaka'i "Leader"
* Alana "Awakening". Included in the top hundred names 19852005.
* Ali'i "Chief". New usage, Keli?i and Keali?i having been the normal forms earlier.
* Ali'iloa "Distant or high chief".
* Aloha "Love"
* 'Alohi "Shining". Variant: Ke-?alohi
* 'Alohilani "Heavenly brightness". Name of a mythical land.
* '?nela (F) "Angel" or Hawaiian for Angela. Included in the top hundred names 19982005.
* Anuenue "Rainbow".
* Anuhea "Cool fragrance"
* 'Aukai "Seafarer"
* 'Aulani "Royal messenger, heavenly traveller"
* 'Auli?i "Dainty, neat"
* 'Ehukai "Sea spray"
* Ha'aheo "Cherished with pride"
* Haleakala "House of the sun". For the crater of Maui, Haleakal?.
* Hali'a "Fond remembrance" NOTE: halia could mean "slow"
* Hanalei "Lei bay".
* Hanohano "Glorious".
* Haunani "Beautiful snow"
* Hau'oli "Happiness"
* Healani "Heavenly mist".
* Hekili "Thunder"
* Hiapo "First born".
* Hi'iaka Name of a goddess, Hi?iaka, the favorite sister of Pele.
* Hi'ilani "Held in the arms of heaven"
* Hi'ilei "Cherished child, carried in the arms"
* Hilina'i "Trust"
* Hina "Gray; prostrate".
* Hinano "Pandanus flower"
* Hiwahiwa "Precious"
* Hoku "Star".
* Hokulani "Heavenly star"
* Ho'okano "Proud".
* Ho'onani "Adornment"
* Ho'opi'i "Ascent"
* Hualani "Heavenly fruit"
* H??eu "Mischievous". E.g. Big Island chiefs.
* ?Ihilani "Sacred one from Heaven"
* Ikaika "Strong".
* 'Ilima The flower of O?ahu (Sida fallax).
* ?Imi?ike "Seeker of knowledge" (1f, 1m) * 'Iolana (F) "To soar like a hawk", "soaring hawk".
* ?Iolani "Royal hawk"
* Ipo "Sweetheart" or "lover"
* Ipolani "Heavenly sweetheart"
* 'Iwalani "Heavenly frigatebird (Fregata minor palmerstoni)", symbolic for "majestic beauty".
* Ka'ahumanu The bird (feather) cloak", a symbol of royalty.
* Ka'au-moana "The seafarer"
* Kaena "Praised".
* Ka'eo "Full of knowledge"
* Kahanuola "The breath of life".
* Kahealani "The heavenly mist"
* Kahiau "Generous".
* Kahula "The hula dancer"
* Kai "Sea".
* Kaihe "The spear"
* Kaila "Style", "fashion", "stylish".
* Kailani "Sea and sky" or "Heavenly seas"
* Kaileo "Voice of the sea"
* Kaimana "Diamond" or "sea filled with Mana "
* Ka'imi "The seeker".
* Kaina "Younger sister of a girl; younger brother of a boy"
* Kainalu "Billowy sea".
* Kainoa "The namesake".
* Kainoakupuna "The namesake of one's grandparent"
* Kaiolohia "Calm sea", figuratively " peace of mind"
* Kaipo "The sweetheart"
* Ka'iu "The lofty one"
* Ka'iulani "The royal sacred one". Ka'iulani was the last Crown Princess (8f)
* Ka'iupono "Leader of the righteous".
* Kala "Free of sorcery". Also Hawaiian form of Sarah.
* Kala "The sun".
* Kala'e "The clearness".
* Kalahikiola "The life-bringing sun"
* Kala'i "The peace"
* Kalama "The lama tree", endemic ebony (Diospyros), from which torches were made, hence figuratively "the torch, lamp, enlightenment".
* Kalani "The sky or heavens; the royal chieftain".
* Kalei "The flower wreath" or "The child".
* Kaleiali'i "The royal child".
* Kaleialoha "The beloved child"
* Kaleinani "The beautiful child"
* Kaleiokalani "The child of heaven"
* Kaleo "The voice"
* Kaleolani "The heavenly voice"
* Kaliko "The bud"
* Kaluhi "The carefully tended one."
* Kamaile "The maile vine"
* Kamaka "The eyes; the beloved one; the bud or descendant".
* Kamalani "Royal child"
* Kamalei "Beloved child"
* Kamali'i "Prince, princess".
* Kamalu "The shade; the protected one"
* Kamealoha "The beloved one".
* Kanani "The beauty, glory".
* Kane "Male". One of the four leading gods, a benevolent god of creation.
* Kanoa "The free one, commoner"
* Kanoelani "The heavenly mist"
* Kapena "Captain".
* Kapono "The righteousness" or "the goodness"
* Kapua "The flower" A common first part of compound names.
* Kapulani "Chiefly taboo"
* Kapuni "The favorite". Name borne by legendary kahunas.
* Kau'i "The youth, the beauty"
* Kaulana "Famous"
* Kaumana "Powerful "
* Kawai "The water", symbol of life and wealth.
* Kawehi "The decoration; the song".
* Kawena "The glow". E.g. Mary Kawena Pukui.
* Kawika (M) Hawaiian form of David.
* Kea "White, clear".
* Keahi "The fire".
* Keaka "The shadow, reflection".
* Keala "The pathway".
* Ke'ala "The fragrant", symbolic for "esteemed, chiefly".
* Kealani "Heavenly whiteness"
* Keali'i "The chief, nobleman". A common first part of compound names.
* Kealoha "Love; the loved one".
* Keani "The soft breeze".
* Keanu "The coolness"
* Keao "The daylight; the cloud"
* Keawe "The thread". Name of ancient Big Island chiefs.
* Kehau "Dew". Name of a gentle land breeze.
* Keikilani "Heavenly child" (9f)
* Keilani "Heavenly glory"
* Kekoa "Brave; the soldier; the koa tree"
* Keola "The Life"
* Keone "The sand", poetically "homeland".
* Keoni (M) Hawaiian vernacular form of John.
* Kepano (M) Hawaiian for Stephen.
* Kimo (M) Hawaiian form of James
* Koa "Warrior; the koa tree"
* Kona "Leeward", name of a famous wind.
* Konane "Bright moonlight"
* Konapiliahi "Strong"
* Ku "Upright". One of the four great gods, best known as the god of war.
* Kulani "Of heavenly nature". A Big Island cone, and site of a prison camp.
* Kulia "Striving, fortunate".
* Ku'ualoha "My love"
* Ku'uipo "My Sweetheart"
* La'akea "Sacred light"
* Lana "Afloat" or "Calm as still waters"
* Lanakila "Victory" (1f, 2m) * Lani "Sky, heavenly", figuratively "chiefly, royal".
* Lea (F) A mythological goddess of canoe builders.
* Lehua The lehua flower (Metrosideros polymorpha), figuratively "warrior, friend, expert".
* Lei "Wreath of flowers", figuratively "a child"
* Leialoha "Beloved child"
* Lei-nani "Beautiful child"
* Mahina "Moon" or "Moonlight".
* Maika'i "Good".
* Maile "The maile vine",
* Makana "Gift"
* Makani "Wind", sometimes symbolic for "anger".
* Makoa "Fearless"
* Malama "Month, moon, light".
* Malama "To take care of; fidelity".
* Malia (F) Hawaiian biblical form of Mary.
* Malina "Calming" or "soothing"
* Mana "Supernatural power, mana."
* Manu "Bird"
* Manuia E.g. an ancient chief.
* Mapuana "Fragrance"
* Maui From the demigod, M?ui
* Mele (F) Hawaiian vernacular form of Mary. Also a Hawaiian word "song, chant"
* Melia "Plumeria"
* Miki'ala "Alert"
* Mililani "Caressed of heaven, favorite"
* Moana "Ocean"
* Moani "Fragrant breeze"
* Mokihana Name of the flower of Kaua'i (Pelea anisata), with berries strung into leis.
* Momi "Pearl"
* Momilani "Heavenly pearl"
* Na'auao "Daylight mind, knowledge".
* Nahenahe "Soft, gentle"
* Nai'a "Porpoise".
* Nainoa "The namesakes".
* Nalani "The Heavens"
* Nanea "Fascinating"
* Nani "Beauty" or "Splendor".
* Napua "The flowers"
* Noa (M) "Freed of taboo; a commoner".
* Noe "Mist"
* No'eau "Clever, artistic".
* Noelani "Mist of heaven"
* Nohea "Handsome", "lovely"
* Nohea-lani "Beauty from Heaven"
* Oliana "oleander"
* Onaona "Soft fragrance; gentle and attractive"
* Pali "Cliff", symbolic for handsome.
* Pua "Flower", figuratively "child".
* Puanani "Beautiful flower"
* Pumehana "Warm-hearted".
* Puna "Spring of water"
* Punahele "Favorite", literally "spring that goes on".
* P?nohu "Rising mist".
* U'ilani "Heavenly young beauty"
* Ululani "Heavenly inspiration". An ancient chiefess.
* Uluwehi "Lush and beautiful verdure" Variant: Ka-ulu-wehi

Translate Your English Name Into Hawaiian

A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M
N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Y / Z

Pronunciation guidelines: A few rules may help you in properly pronouncing your name in Hawaiian. Unlike English, there are only 13 letters (12 Roman letters and an 'okina) in the Hawaiian alphabet: A, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, U, W, '.

Consonants: Pronounce P, K as in English but with less aspiration. Pronounce H, L, M, N as in English. W after I and E is usually pronounced like V, but after U and O usually pronounced like W; initially and after A, it can be pronounced like V or W. The 'okina is not used in the Hawaiianization of English names.

Vowels: Each of the 5 vowels is generally uniform with some exceptions: A like A in far, tar; also like UH in much E like AY in bay, lay; also like E in bet; I like Y in city; also like E in Eve O like O in no, so U like OO in moon; also like U in true

How to Hawaiianize your name:
We've done alot of the work for you, but if you don't see your name in our list here's how to translate your English name into Hawaiian. There are two ways to determine the Hawaiian equivalent of your name. The first is to determine the meaning of your name and then obtain the Hawaiian word for that meaning. The second, and the most common, is by the process of transliteration -- that is, to replace the letters in the English name with Hawaiian letters. This is not so easy since, as noted above, the Hawaiian language only has 13 letters.

Here is the formula for translating your English name into Hawaiian:
Replace B, F, P with P
Replace C, D, G, J, K, Q, S, T, X, Z with K
Replace H with H
Replace N with N
Replace L, R with L
Replace V, W with W
Replace Y with I

Vowels remain the same. Also be sure to separate all consonants with a vowel. For example, Barbara would be PALAPALA because there must be a vowel between the "r" and "b" in Barbara.

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